Backstory 11

The caravan trundled past the two skulking figures before coming to a stop at the ‘checkpoint’ further along the road. The said ‘checkpoint’ was very simply, some medium sized rocks and tree branches laid out on the muddy track by some very clever bandits.

The whole transaction was very mechanical and rather boring. Some bandits emerged from their various hiding places demanding a ‘toll’ of either gold or something of monetary worth. All of this proceeded without much even until one of the bandits remarked that since the caravan had such well armed guards, then the cargo within the caravan had to be valuable. With this conclusion, the bandits demanded a higher payment as surely the merchant could afford it.

Suffice to say, this normal transaction very quickly ceased to be a pleasant one and an all out melee occurred with the bandits swarming the caravan and the two well armed guards who were valiantly defending themselves as well as their client.

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