Backstory 12

The two onlookers hung back, surprised at how well the caravan guards accounted for themselves. Clearly, their weapons were not just for show, and in short order they had the bandits whittled down to two, the fight, intense though it was, looked to be over, as the last bandit was felled by a brutal backhanded lunge which took the startled outlaw through the throat. The two moved between the corpses, ensuring that they were dead, and relieving them of their purses and weapons. Moving quickly, they had everything they needed, and were on their way within a few minutes.

The bugbear turned to his companion “Spose we can take the road again then. Might be worth scouting around here to see where they made camp, should be able to stock up a bit” he started to jog off “any objections?”

Lyod spoke through a mouthful of food, as he lounged back in front of the fire. “Not like I’m going to complain if we come across supplies like this. Still don’t know how bandits this bad managed to accumulate this much cash” he jangled a full purse of coins. “you would’ve thought that in these parts, they would’ve either been killed or forced into another line of work, much less been this successful”.

He grinned “not bad grub though”

The shifter almost smiled back, although it was difficult to tell in the flickering firelight. It could have been a scowl. Kro had resumed eating before Lyod could study the expression any more closely.

The two sat in silence as the coals of the fire burnt down, before the bugbear turned over “you’re on first watch tonight right?” before collapsing into sleep. Though a light sleeper, he had absolutely no trouble falling asleep it was clear. The only sounds Kro could hear were the crackling of the fire, and the slow breathing of his travelling companion.

After an indistinct period of time, he was snapped from his thoughts by the sounds of approaching footsteps. He turned his ears towards the source of the noise. Multiple footsteps he amended, and they were clearly not even trying to be silent. He shook the bugbear awake.

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