Backstory 16

Lyod watched the approach, working through possible tactics they could deploy to defeat this enemy, for he knew that it would require cunning and teamwork. The beginnings of an idea had started to formulate when his companion leapt into the fray, and had his rapier buried in the neck of the first guard before Lyod (or the guard) could even react. Oh well, nothing like some improvisation. Lyod moved quickly backwards, trying to take advantage of Kro’s distraction and flank the enemy. He begun to whirl chain, building the momentum, and rhythm necessary wield the heavy weapon, and keep himself out of harms way. The undead it appeared were not quick, and he easily vaulted between them, launching and landing for scant seconds before continuing the movement to the next target. He was starting to get into the flow, and had already felled 4, before he landed, and scoped the area. Those he had ‘felled’ were beginning to rise. Shattered bones and skulls it appeared only dissuaded the undead.

Drat. Kro spun in beside him, blade severing an arm which grasped at his neck. Lyod offered him a grin, before turning back to the circling undead. Nothing for it then. He closed his eyes and let out a howl, feeling the spirit of the wolf pack infuse his body, his vision sharpening, time slowing and body taut. The entire pack was in his consciousness now, working together to guide his movements, and watch the enemy for weaknesses and openings.

The hunt was on.

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