Raspberry Pi Programmable Power Board – Part 2

The ball is in motion!

I’ve just placed an order at DigiKey for all the components I’d require to build the 16 latching circuits for my programmable power board.

There’s a back order on the power relays, so I don’t expect my package to arrive any time this month.

I also changed the parts I’m using for the port selector, as I’m currently investigating some other options, using the SPI, and I2C interfaces on the raspberry pi, which would allow up to 128 ports to be controlled, instead of just the 16 in my previous design.

As a result, I’ve ordered 8 MCP23S17 and 8 MCP23017 chips, and will experiment with those to get my circuit working.

I also placed an order for a DSO Nano V2, over at Australian Robotics, so I should be able to start measuring and observing the various signals that I’ll be getting out of my raspberry pi, especially when working with the new SPI and I2C components.

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