Part 2 – The Resistance

Music – Bastion Soundtrack – Terminal March

“What is that thing?”

Uthal, Tricks, and Lisanna must have heard that question a dozen times while they portalled up to the Windy Valley from their original sighting of the Pandemonium Stone from the Hinterlands. Oh, there was no doubt it was the same stone they saw off the coast of Port Cullis all those months ago. But where had It been since disappearing from there? And why was it reappearing so soon? The party did not have time for these questions as they and the other capable fighters from the Holy Caravan (as it had been self-named) used a series of portals to double-time their ascent to the Windy Valley.

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Part 1 – March To the Mountains

It was deemed the best way to slip into the Windy Valley unnoticed – travel with other embedded Empire agents in the long column of paladins, clerics, avengers, invokers, and assorted followers answering the Call. Together they marched as a heterogenous, righteous caravan, around the outskirts of the plaguelands, meeting up and combining with others going towards the stormy peaks of Delzimmar. Closer to their destination, people were also coming the other way, away from the mountains. They confirmed the suspicions of the caravan leader, Durkon, high priest of Pelor. It seemed that unseasonable autumn lightning storms were striking along the peaks of the Windy Valley. The party heard the grizzled dwarf on these occasions muttering that the second coming of the Nightmare Storms was upon us, and may Pelor help the unprepared.

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