System Monitoring

Lately I’ve been experimenting with various different system monitoring, charting, alarming, etc solutions.

Some of the systems I’ve experimented with include:

  • Graphdat – Great upcoming product that provides an experience like no other.
  • Cacti – My current solution for monitoring internal SNMP systems.
  • Munin – Looked nice, but out-of-the box SNMP wasn’t so successful.
  • Graphene ontop of Graphite – Looks absolutely beautiful, but you essentially have to write (or find) your own data collectors for everything.
  • MRTG – my previous solution, and great for monitoring basic SNMP counters. Could no longer handle the size of my network storage – hence the search for a replacement.
  • New Relic – a little slow, and had some issues with their dashboards appearing / disappearing. No way to customize hostnames currently, which is annoying for anyone with even mild OCD

So far, I must say that the offering from GraphDat is simply amazing. Check it out for yourself below.